Decorate the Christmas table with cyclamen

The flowers They are always an indisputable element when decorating a table. For these next holidays we propose you to decorate with a seasonal flower, the cyclamen is a bulbous plant that blooms in autumn, winter and spring. There is a wide assortment of colors nowadays, so we can choose the ones that we like the most or that best match the rest of the decor .

Decorate the Christmas table with cyclamen 1

If we have these plants in our garden, just cut the flowers we can make some pretty bouquets, just adding some ornamental grass leaves. In a transparent or colored vase will add a fresh and natural touch to our Christmas decoration. For a table mounted in modern style, some cyclamen flowers of purple color will be very good.

Decorate the Christmas table with cyclamen 2

This beautiful and white variety of cyclamen It will elegantly decorate your table for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas day meal. If we add some cut glass or glass beads you will have a princely table for the banquets of these parties. The transparent vase combines very well with the beads and cut crystals, we can add some beads to the bottom of the vase.

Decorate the Christmas table with cyclamen 3

The white and pink cyclamen will be fantastic in the decoration of a table where the white color predominates. As we can see in the picture above, a little bit of gold will not hurt the whole team. In any of these presentations we will try that the flowers have sufficient water in their corresponding vases and we will take care not to leave them near a source of heat. Cyclamen flowers are very sensitive to heat, it will be better to have them prepared in a cool place and put them on the table at the last moment.


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