Decorate the children's room in Scandinavian style

The decoration of a Children's room It does not have to follow the topic of strongly colored environments. You can follow the style and pattern of the rest of the house, even if we have it decorated in Scandinavian style. Then you can see that it is not so difficult, as it may seem in advance, that the room of our children is sober and fun at the same time. Let's see how to decorate children's rooms in Scandinavian style .


Here we have a magnificent example, a black and white room very funny and cheerful. We have to play with the shapes and textures and also with the touches of color that will bring life and brightness to the neutral environment.


Speaking of textures here we have a good use of them. The carpet, the stuffed animals, the cushion cover and the cloud that decorates the headboard are concerned with providing texture to a smooth, straight-line environment.



The truth is that in a children's room geometric shapes, drawings and decorative objects become key elements for decoration.


Without forgetting as we said a cheerful stroke of color like this beautiful orange fox that becomes a fundamental complement.



The rooms of the babies can also be decorated in Nordic style as you can see in these images and the following ones.



Vinyl and wallpaper are good tools to highlight a wall and create a more pleasant and warm environment.


Even in the rooms shared by children and babies we can still logically use the Nordic style without any problem.



The age of our children is not an impediment because this style can be used at any age. The base white, black or gray, neutral in short, will be the same and you just have to change the accessories and decorative objects. The same makes it a very versatile decoration to accompany the growth of our children.


You also know that wood is an element present in any Scandinavian style decoration. Furniture and decorative objects as well as toys made with wood are perfect in this style.


This fantastic litter sure loves the little ones. For them the color black can be as fun as any, after all it is the color of pirates and monsters.


In this case we see a magnificent integration of very different ages in very little space. A great idea when the room is not too big or we want to create a large play area.


Any little one will have a scary time with an Indian tent and a zebra rug. And on the horizon stars, masks and bow ties so that the game can not only be fun but also elegant.


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