Decorate recycling and recovering

Many times we have talked about decorating with low budget but you can also decorate no budget any. Going down to the storage room or changing the glasses with which we see reality can help us see the things we have that we do not take advantage of. A new look is essential to take advantage of any decoration and often do not need to buy anything simply know how to take advantage of things we have forgotten.


If you have a fireplace that you do not use, you can give it a new life simply by storing in it a few books lined with white paper to give them a new aesthetic.


Jars, jars and glass bottles old are a good way to create a modern and modern decoration with very little budget.


Give them new and unexpected uses to objects with a very specific traditional use is a way to create very interesting contrasts. A skirt hanger is ideal for hanging a poster or a poster.


A blanket folded and tied with belts will serve as a pad for a bench. We introduce comfort and color into a daily element in an economical way.


To decorate a shelf a good assortment of Photographs family in large format is a good idea. Our furniture thus ceases to be a hodgepodge of objects and becomes an element with a unique theme.


Sometimes less is more and instead of adding what you have to do is remove. Removing the doors of the hanging cabinets of the kitchen is a way to modernize them and give a new air to our kitchen.


The crafts It is another way to change the decoration, our own crafts. Making the pillowcases is simple and we can do it ourselves.


Lining the bottom of a piece of furniture with paper painted will transform it and alleviate the monotony of the color to which we are already too accustomed.


Arranging the jewelery pendants on the wall of the bedroom is another way to give life and color to the room and we only have to pay a visit to the toolbox or the hardware store.


With those uneven dishes that we accumulate throughout life we ​​can make beautiful compositions that can be used to decorate any piece of the house.


The painting is the quintessential resource to decorate with little budget, none if we take advantage of the paint left over from other occasions to give a new color to both walls and furniture.


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