Decorate in gray and pink: a very modern color combination

As you know, the color gray is a neutral color that combines with any other color. This time we want to show you a very current trend that combines pink with gray, both in any shade that comes to mind, even metallic gray is very good with pink. This color combination was already fashionable in the 80s but has once again claimed its place in decoration.


The gray and the pink will be good in any dependency of the house, from the hall to the bathroom. And although it has a very feminine slope can be used in all kinds of environments. In the living room it is very pleasant and helps create a climate of peace and tranquility.


And as you can see is equally good with any decorative style, minimalist, neo-baroque, vintage or any other.


White can be a good link between both colors and will also help create a brighter environment.

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When necessary we can use the pink as a contrast color, we will then choose saturated shades and use it as a brushstroke of color.




The bedroom will benefit and a lot of this nice combination. Neutral, calm and rich at the same time; serving both a female and a unisex bedroom.



In the room of girls or baby will be a great combination that will reduce the amount of "pink" many times too usual in these rooms.



The combination of pink with metallic gray is very rich and particular. The colors and the reflections of the metal combine to make the combination more attractive if possible.


The work area, office or office, is also a good place to make use of these so nice colors.


Even the hall can be decorated in pink and gray tones to take advantage of its virtues right from the entrance to the house.

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