Decorate home switches

When you have to give the last rivets to the decor of a house you have to keep in mind that the small details , are the ones that make the difference. Also if we have children around the house, or simply want to give a personal touch that is pleasant and everyone likes to stay tuned to the details that we bring today in a simple guide to make it possible by designing these friendly switches .

Decorate home switches

Decorated switches - Idea nº 1

As you can see in the image, this fantastic bird motif is made with decorative vinyl . The variety of vinyl that you can find in the market is infinite just need to know what is the desired motive and look for it in the wide range of which is available, in addition the sizes are also infinite. You can also make them personalized in some places like specialized stationeries.
Not only is it a matter of buying, because if you have some skill with the brush and some material that you have left over from some painting, you can design it yourself with a little patience and a template, or simply based on imagination if you are an artist.

So with these details you will give your home a more informal, personalized touch that no one else will have.

To inspire them a bit, here are more proposals and designs for switches. Some are by the illustrator Ziemowit Maj, made on vinyl.

Decorate home switches 1

Decorated switches - Idea nº 2

Decorate home switches 2

Decorated switches - Idea nº 3

Decorate home switches 3

Decorated switches - Idea nº 4

Decorate home switches 4

Decorated switches - Idea nº 5

Decorate household switches 5

Decorated switches - Idea nº 6

Decorate home switches 6

Decorated switches - Idea nº 7

Decorate home switches 7

Decorated switches - Idea nº 8

Decorate home switches 8

Decorated switches - Idea nº 9


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