Decorate furniture and accessories with fabrics

With fabrics and imagination can redesign furniture, walls and decorate various objects for the house. This technique makes it possible to reuse the worn furniture in an economic and artisan way, or to create new landscapes in the decoration. We propose some really simple ideas to make at home.

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The fabric can be used to cover wardrobes, drawers, armchairs, stools and tables. In short, any furniture you want to give a little color or a new use. Choose prints to your liking and combine different models. You will need a little paint to give a new coat to those furniture that have been somewhat outdated. Then cut out the fabrics you are going to use and glue them carefully on the surface.

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Decorating with fabrics 5

In addition to furniture, with the fabrics you can also line the walls. A useful solution if you prefer to do without the paint and try new formulas. When wallpapering the wall, you will need the help of another person, since the placement of the fabric involves some risk and you will have to tighten the fabric well so that it is straight. The advantage of lining the wall with fabrics is that it hides any damage that may exist, such as cracks, small holes or unevenness.

Decorate with fabrics 4

Decorate with fabrics 6

Little by little you will begin to think about giving new uses to these fabrics. For example, to gather a few boxes and upholster them with special designs. You can do the same with canvases and create custom paintings. Dare to take a step further and upholster the pots with colorful fabrics. The result can be truly spectacular and, of course, original.

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