Decorate for winter with textiles

Fabrics are the easiest solution to change the appearance of a decoration at any time but its different types and classes allow us to vary the decoration of the home according to the seasons. In winter the fabrics that they bring warmth and texture They are preferred to create a cozy atmosphere where one can feel protected from the cold outside.

Decorate with textiles 1

A large carpet for the bedroom it will help to maintain the heat and will allow you to walk barefoot without feeling that horrible freezing cold of the floors. To give a touch of light to the environment, a small sheepskin rug that will also be a caress for the feet.

Decorate with textiles 2

A sober and classic decoration can gain in sotisficación and elegance if we add a leather carpet on wool .

Decorate with textiles 3

A Upholstered headboard It is another way to include the fabric in our decoration. And it is a project to make oneself very simple, you only need a wooden board, wadding, the chosen fabric and nails or staples.

Decorate with textiles 4

The fabric can also be used to add a little color to an environment decorated with a profusion of dark tones. A bright and contrasting color that cheers the short winter evenings.

Decorate with textiles 5

The fabric is also a classic for the decoration of the walls . Easy to install, like wallpaper, it is also a sustainable element because if we get tired of it we just have to remove it, wash it and we can use it for other alternative projects.

Decorating with textiles 6

The red, ocher and earth tones are always an effective solution to decorate with fabrics in the cold seasons of the year. The color palette of nature itself can not go wrong in any environment.

Decorating with textiles 7

The curtains They are another of the textiles that most want to change in the seasons, in winter you want to dress the windows with thick curtains that cover us from the cold outside. We can also combine thick fabrics with other more subtle fabrics using the double curtains.

Decorating with textiles 8

But it does not have to be all serious and off, a bit of brightness like that provided by pillows covered in silk or satin will create warmth without sacrificing the joy of color and light.

Decorating with textiles 9

A touch of color should always remain, even in winter, as a reminder of the return of the spring revival. Even in the sad times of life there must be a spark of light from which we can recover the brightness of happiness.


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