Decorate Easter eggs

Easter comes and with it, the mythical eggs and in this post we will teach you different ways to decorate them and also, so that it is a fun craft to do at home with the little ones.

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To start painting them first you have to cook them or empty them by drilling them with the help of a pin, place them under a stream of water and empty the egg. You wait for it to dry and they are ready to decorate.

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The way they are decorated will depend on your imagination. You can use from watercolors, tempera, nail polish, paper, cloth ... Anyway it will be fun and decorative.

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To paint them help yourself with a brush or a sponge, it depends on the finish you want to give it. Also, you can use the typical stamps of children to print letters, shapes or ornaments, or use paper or cardboard cutouts to create characters with materials that you have at home.

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You can create your own farm or a team of snorkels with plastic straws. What counts is the imagination.

In addition to creating characters you can make supports for your eggs or wrap them with paper. These ideas are very original, and also decorative for the older ones.

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You are a little more elaborate ideas will give a touch of Easter to your home or as a centerpiece in a family meal Require a little more patience and precision, but they will make you have a fun time and it is also very satisfying to decorate with objects made by one same.

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Ideas to decorate easter eggs06

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Choose how to decorate your Easter eggs. Put your family names on them or make drawings with colored chalk. Anyway, give the final touch with a beautiful presentation and your craft will be luxury!

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