Deco ideas for a living room in gray and yellow

In a living room the combination of gray and yellow is elegant, fresh and energizing. Yellow reminds us of sunlight and helps us to recharge our batteries after a busy day. And what about the gray, is a neutral color with a great deal of sophistication. We bring you some ideas for an elegant living room in gray and yellow ... your living is also practical and functional decorative.


A soft gray is used here as a neutral base that is reinforced with a predominance of cream tones. The yellow, basically reserved for the curtains and some details helps to create a bright atmosphere.


Here the dark gray and yellow are mixed in the furniture, leaving a soft and calm yellow tone for the wall.


This metallic gray contrasts with the vivid yellows of the accessories and the duller carpet.


A deeper gray is combined here with yellow and gold creating a very sophisticated environment.


This wallpaper already manages by itself the combination of colors that we treat but it is also reinforced with textiles and upholstery.


One of the advantages of the combination of gray and yellow is that it serves, as you have seen, for very different decorative styles.


The great contrast between gray and yellow also occurs in its different difficulty of use. Just as gray is easy to use yellow, on the other hand, is a difficult color that must be introduced carefully.


As you are seeing it is usually used in small doses to create accents and decorative touches.


In a minimalist environment like the one we see, yellow is reduced to the textiles and lemons of the centerpiece.


Although you can risk a little more and introduce some yellow furniture as well as a great work of art as in this proposal.


But it will not be the most usual. It is usually easier to see it used moderately.


Another idea to keep in mind when we use grays is to mix different tones to create something of relief and that the decoration is not excessively flat.


When the environment is as bright as this one, we can interweave both colors much more. Although if you look, gray is still predominant.


Here we have a totally different proposal, yellow is the predominant color and gray is reserved for the touches of color. It is a much riskier proposal that will possibly have many detractors.


The pillows. sofa blankets and lamps are great allies to introduce the color yellow.


The neon yellow can be a great ally to give life to a decoration based entirely on neutral tones.


There are very simple and inexpensive ways to combine these two colors as we will see below. Here with a nice collection of frames.


Or simply by painting some canning jars in the two colors we are dealing with.


Or resort to a carpet that contains both colors. It is a good way to try to see if we are comfortable with this color combination.


The curtains are also a good tool to explore all that these colors offer us.

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