Dare to paint the parquet

Is your parquet outdated or does it look very worn? We show you a solution that will bring color and character. With special paint for parquets, easy to apply, you can give it the look you prefer, from Scandinavian white to vintage effect through the metallic tones that give an industrial air.

Painting the parquet 2

This trend has been imposed in recent times in the Nordic countries but is spreading throughout Europe. It is a simple way to completely change the appearance of our parquet without getting into professional jobs of stabbing, varnishing and polishing. The most thrown or with good hand with the brush also allows them to create trompe l'oeil in the parquet with effects of false carpets.

Paint the parquet 1

Painting the parquet 3

The new parquet paints are applied directly without having to pre-treat it. At most a light sanding will be the only pre-painting task. These paintings have opacity and cover very well the imperfections that may present the wood. They are also very resistant to wear, their hardness is comparable to vitrified. The most used colors are white and some pastel colors.

Painting the parquet 4

Other paintings with different effects, vintage like the one above, that imitate the patina of time, follow. There are also other possible effects such as

Painting the parquet 5

The metallic that gives a great shine to the parquet, ideal for an industrial style decoration. In all the effects we will also find different tones that will allow us to choose the one we need. These paintings are not very cheap but they are a good option that surely saves us time and money.

Photos: cotemaison.fr

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