Damask printed in pink

This old design has returned to become fashionable and we find it reproduced in many accessories for home decoration. The damask is a very old fabric , dating from the 11th century, the first knowledge of him, first the Byzantine Empire and then his Muslim conquerors created and used it profusely. When he arrived in Europe it caused a great sensation and has been used both for decoration and for costumes.

Damask in pink 1

Its traditional design is currently a fashion trend very important, in pink we can use it to decorate female rooms . Depending on the shade of pink we choose we can use it from the a baby's room , with a faint rose, for girls rooms with more intense roses and even for adult female rooms using intense roses.

Damask in pink 2

But we can also use templates to paint custom damask designs . It is a detail that will be perfect in a white room for example adding a touch of color and sophistication.

Damask in pink 3

Not only can we use the damask prints in the bedrooms, the damask wallpaper will be a good choice also for a bathroom or a bathroom . Wherever we put it, it will create an elegant and stylish atmosphere.

Damask in pink 4

The authentic damask fabric is not economical but you do not need to use a lot to get a great result. This beautiful ottoman upholstered with damask fabric with pink motif enhances and gives color to a modern living room decorated in white.

Photos: interiordesignonadime.com

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