Curtains, those chosen in decoration

There are for all tastes and styles. Different options, systems and forms of drive. What is the right one for your home? Let's see if you can find out.


The curtains, always protagonists of the environments, not only fulfill the function of dressing the window, but that of giving style and privacy. They are responsible for filtering light, protecting wood and upholstery from the sun. They have the natural gift of transforming spaces into warm and welcoming places.
There are thousands of styles, here the most important:
Of two cloths: They are the classic par excellence. They can appear with or without frowns. They carry a large amount of gender, more than Roman type. The most elegant are made with heavy fabrics such as shantung, or natural silk. For modern style houses it is very common to see curtains of two diaper gauze or organza curtains. They are very transparent and ethical, letting light pass almost completely. They are recommended for small environments with a need for depth.
It is always better that the ring touch the floor and drag a few centimeters, and leave no space between it and the ground. They can be put to any type of window.
These curtains are fastened to bars, rails or tensioners. The first ones can be made of wood or bronze, and usually they are accompanied by the ring system. The seconds are recommended for curtains that open and close easily. The last ones are steel cables attached to the wall, which are used with lightweight fabrics.


Flat: With straight lines, they provide the particular modern style. They allow greater luminosity than the previous ones, and once opened occupy a small space. We find different varieties:
  • Romans: Made in gender with horizontal rods that shape the folding. The secret they hide, is that the first 15 days must be collected.


Oriental: Ideal for those who want the flat curtain and the opening system inside the window does not allow it. They are very linear and straight, suitable for all types of genres.


American: the market has different options in aluminum, mat, PVC or wood. They are horizontal bands and regulate the passage of light.


The Novelty: the new Mecho Sade system that works as a roll shutter. It has very robust mechanisms and easy to operate. Allows the use of accessories such as side channels through which the curtain slides.


A guide to your service for choosing curtains.


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