Curtains: ideal for separating environments economically

In the spaces of open plan the elements of separation of environments are necessary to differentiate the reserved uses to each zone. There are many ways to carry out this task and with these proposals to separate environments with curtains we hope you have more tools in this regard.


The curtains have been used since time immemorial for this purpose. In the bedroom is a great solution, warm and cozy, to preserve privacy.


Single or combined with screens, such as glass, are a good solution to separate environments.


You have to take into account the decorative style to use one type of curtains or another.


And they can be more opaque or translucent as we want. With or without it, the truth is that they are an element that can be adapted in a thousand and one ways.


This system of curtains surround the bed in this loft to give you a bit of privacy and above all feel more protected and isolated when you are in bed.


The psychological factor is fundamental in the use of curtains in the bedroom. Many people need to feel protected in order to sleep.


In this space of boho chic style, the crochet curtain separates the bed from the rest of the room and is another element of the decoration.


Leaving the bedrooms we will see other parts of the house. This small nest for movie lovers is separated by curtains from the rest of the room. They also allow creating a perfect environment to watch movies.


This macramé curtain hardly hinders visibility but is a clear element of separation of environments.


For those who like to have the bathtub in the bedroom, the curtain is a good complement.


The curtains can perfectly complement the paper of the doors and with less visual impact.


They also add texture to the decoration while acting as space separators.


This curtain of burlap cloth is a good complement to this shabby chic decoration.


Another role that curtains can play is to hide what we do not want to see.


Separating the storage areas from the rest of the unit is a traditional use of curtains.


Here we have a large library that can be hidden from the rest of the living room when it suits with that beautiful and striking curtain.


In this living room a curtain can hide the stereo when interested. This solution is very practical and easy to carry out.

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