Curtains and other accessories for windows

Beyond the curtains there is life, of course, but they are so efficient to solve the decoration of the windows that however much we want we can not leave them aside. The eternal dilemma of curtains or is not a classic theme of interior decoration, there will always be supporters and opponents of the curtains. But the truth is that they are almost essential and not only cover the issue of dressing the window but also contribute their bit to the decoration of the room.

Curtains and accessories for windows 1

And if you do not see that simple geometric design above, how well it fits into that classic decoration, combined with that slight blindness. You can get a lot of the curtains but sometimes you have to break schemes.

Curtains and accessories for windows 2

Those very thin curtains almost monacal, if not for that striking red border, create a living space and at the same time delicate. You have to dare with the curtains and be thrown, willing to try new combinations.

Curtains and accessories for windows 3

And for risky combination, curtains and blinds in vegetal fibers, as we can see in the photo above. It is a happy way to combine the wishes of the supporters of both solutions but you also have to see the practical side, if we put the blind in the window where the sun gives more hours we can better grade the light in the room.

Curtains and accessories for windows 4

So that the curtains are not monotonous and boring, we can add elements that provide a plus, above these false boxes have been placed on simple white Ikea curtains and they have been given more packaging.

Curtains and accessories for windows 5

In this case are simple red ribbons that used as curtain pickers give a touch of color to this female bedroom. Simplicity and elegance always go hand in hand, or almost.

Curtains and accessories for windows 6

And if we are daring yellow curtains will give warmth to a neutral environment like the one in the upper image. Both run and collected these curtains will be a strong point of contrast in that large window.

Curtains and accessories for windows 7

And of course sometimes the curtains are not necessary as we can see in the image above. Everything depends on the circumstances and our taste.


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