Crochet dresses your furniture

The recycling, the recovery and new uses for and for the survival of our planet create the decorative tendencies that become centered in the simplicity and the simple thing, returning to the beginnings. The old becomes potentially attractive and the objects with history, full of memories, come back to stay with the vintage movement.

As in the world of fashion, in decoration, crochet is a must have. The pastime par excellence of our grandmothers to make clothes, tablecloths, paintings and an infinity of other things every time gets more followers. These followers are largely young people who catch the famous DIY movement.

The designers have captured these weaving techniques and inserted them into their creations. Some of them will be familiar to us, but we have forgotten them, others are innovative pieces.

Crochet on furniture and accessories 8

White armchair with an innovative and surprising design, simply an ideal piece.

Crochet on furniture and accessories 10

Auxiliary tables Crochet Moooi. Design in the same line as the chair in the previous image.

Crochet on furniture and accessories

Large vase that complements the previous images with its modern lines design.

Crochet on furniture and accessories 7

A more fun and colorful touch is what these very comfortable stools with different designs bring.

Crochet on furniture and accessories 5

In terms of lighting we will find thousands of references both hanging and auxiliary. I have chosen these small spheres that provide a very relaxing lighting.

Crochet on furniture and accessories 4

This trend also replaces the traditional decoration of walls with the paintings to which we are accustomed. Complements that provide relief and color. We can find from simple pieces to the most elaborate combinations or decorative and practical elements such as watches, all in crochet.

Crochet on furniture and accessories 3

Another armchair very similar to the first but in this case in a golden tone. A piece with a proper name, Bon Bon Gold.

Crochet on furniture and accessories 6

Ocher and navy blue combination pendant.

Crochet on furniture and accessories 2

Finally, these puffs have always had a place in many homes and have survived time and trends. In this case they come with matching pots.

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