Creative ideas to paint the walls of the house

Not only can the walls be painted white or in a single color. There are more solutions and some very original ones, if you find yourself in this circumstance it might be good for you to have a look at these images. They collect some creative ways to paint the walls that are at least attractive and original.


Two tones in the same space can be a good solution to delimit the different areas of the same. But it can be done in an original way like this oblique pattern that we see here.


Following a similar scheme we can launch and do something similar but with more colors. You can look great in a child or youth room.


And if you do not want your walls to be very colorful, you can choose to use a single color in two different shades. In this children's room, a mountain range has been recreated using two shades of gray and a zigzag pattern.


Although you can still complicate the thing and form a geometric pattern using several shades of the same color as we see in this game room.


The pastel colors are very good and you can combine several perfectly. And without fear that our decoration loses elegance and sobriety.


If the intense and saturated colors go by then nothing happens, go ahead and combine your favorite colors. An intense green like the one above is very low with the contrast with that soft blue.



Soft or saturated, that may be your doubt. As you can see both are fine and everything will depend on the personal taste of each one. Using two tones in a parallel way on the same wall is an easy resource and has been used since ancient times in many places.



Generally we will reserve the lightest color for the top part of the piece so that it helps to keep it more luminous and also more relaxing in sight.



These we have seen are very interesting and creative ways of painting the walls. They are pleasant and practical because when painting the lower part of the wall in a darker color we will avoid getting dirty before we would like.


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