Creative and economical decoration recycling bottles

We live in times of recycling, recovery and sustainability, each time we become more aware and care about our environment. This current has also reached the decoration and you can find very decorative ideas. Let's see next how to get a creative and economical decoration by recycling bottles.


This original coffee table is a good example of what we are talking about, with a wooden board and a few bottles of wine we managed to have at the same time the service of a typical coffee table and a good number of vases to decorate with flowers.


This separator for the porch or the terrace plays with the colors of the bottles and the rays of the sun crossing them. Very decorative and extremely original.


One of the creations that are usually made with cut glass bottles are the lamps. They can be grouped as in the example above by fixing them to a wood or using them in isolation. Either way they will allow you to have an original and decorative lamp.


A different but no less original use is to use them in the garden as recipients for inverted crops. A fun and different way to present our plants.


Lamps for candles, in various formats and models can also be made with cut glass bottles. Cutting glass bottles requires the right material or a refined technique of using heat and cold. Looking a bit in the network we will find different methods to carry out this operation.


This beautiful creation combines lighting with decoration with plants. Ideal for the patio, terrace or the living area that we have in our garden.


Painting glass bottles is an easy and very simple way of decorating with bottles that does not require the use of any specialized material or complex techniques.


The truth is that the cut bottles do not stop being a very practical and original way of decorating. From containers to make and use our own candles.


Even elegant luminaires with strips of LEDs inside that are nice, beautiful and above all original.


We can also combine techniques, cutting and painting, to create fully customized vases to our liking.


As you can see there are many ways to use glass bottles in decoration. In your hand is to make the creations that best match your decor.


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