Create your reading corner

Having a space dedicated to reading is a luxury for any lover of literature. Not because of its cost, because with a little light space and a comfortable armchair is enough, but because that implies a corner dedicated exclusively to moving away from reality immersed in reading. And that's a real luxury ...

Reading corners 1

One option is inside the room. The luxury par excellence. That armchair with matching footrest and that small round white glass table seem very comfortable. A quiet and elegant corner to escape between the pages of a good book.

Reading corners 2

A composition to enjoy reading in company, ideal for those who do not separate even when it comes to reading. That footrest also serves as a coffee table. It is an invitation to take a nap ... And what natural light!

Reading nooks 3

Butacones in natural materials such as banana fibers, rattan or wicker braided ... With good cushions of bright colors are essential in any terrace or summer atmosphere. And why not also here? Together a large window that provides a great source of light.

Reading corners 4

A proposal for lovers of the Scandinavian style. I love the hair rug and the wonderful Egg armchair. A very cozy touch that invites you to spend the perfect afternoon for this cold season.

Reading corners 5

Simplicity also has its charm, you can compose your corner in a very simple way.

Reading corners 6

Undoubtedly, the most elegant proposal, although a bit daring: toasted armchair, gray-blue footrest. It looks comfortable, right?

Reading corners 7

And, finally, an idyllic proposal. Who would say no to relax with in a beautiful place like this?


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