Create extra spaces on the wall

The walls of a room or room can serve, in addition to hanging pictures and other ornaments, to add extra spaces in the structure itself. What are we talking about? It is about opening gaps in the wall itself, in the manner of the wall bookstores, to make the most of the space and also take advantage of a loading wall to find new space solutions. We present five examples with which you can see how to create extra space on the wall dispensing with furniture.

On the wall of this room a solid structure has been created that belongs to the building itself (that is, it is not a 'bridge furniture' or anything like that) and that allows to place ornaments on the headboard of the bed. A useful and at the same time decorative space.

Spaces on walls 1

The same happens in this other room, much more minimalist. A hole in the wall allows the possibility of creating a small shelf and placing decorative objects on it. As we said at the beginning, the novelty lies in taking advantage of the very structure created on the wall itself.

Spaces on walls 2

The wall of this room has been used to place an exhibition case. This allows us to save space to the maximum, since we do not have to place an extra piece of furniture to place these ornaments that we want to show.

Spaces on walls 3

An opening fitted into the wall of this room has created an elongated fireplace. In the last example, we see another idea to create a different fireplace. Both models are very typical solutions of modern houses, where the furniture, very often, merges with the structure of the building. This leaves a lot of open space, allowing the rooms to 'breathe' and not overload objects.

Spaces on walls 4

Spaces on walls 5

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