Create dynamic and stylish workspaces

Choosing where to place a desk or create a small office at home is always a problem when there is not enough space available. When we can not dedicate a complete room to create a work environment we are faced with a question that does not always have an easy solution. But there are many ways to get that space to integrate dynamically and following the general style of the room where we want to install it.

Work spaces with style 1

In a small room it may be best to place a folding desk that allows us the development of other activities. Resorting also to a stylized chair, running away from the typical desk chairs will allow us to create a workspace almost anywhere.

Stylish work spaces 2

A desk in wood and metal combined with an armchair in the same style will be an interesting option to create a work space in the house of a single man. Or the masculine redoubt within the family home.

Work spaces with style 3

Neon colors to create a feminine corner in a too serious environment or take advantage of the height of the ceilings with a high plank to hang the notes and photos are an example of intelligent solutions that adapt to the circumstances of each one.

Work spaces with style 4

When we want to create a small desk in a bedroom, replacing the classic bedside table with a small desk can be a great solution.

Work spaces with style 5

When space is not a problem we can still get more out of it if, for example, we put the lights on the ceiling instead of using floor lamps or taking advantage of the windows.

Work spaces with style 6

A multiple workspace is easy to create with L or T tables, as in the image above. They make possible the collaboration and the communication of the people who have to work in this space.

Work spaces with style 7

As you can see in the above photograph you can create a modern and stylish work space by taking advantage of the furniture and objects that we have at home, just try to give them a new function or see them from another point of view.

Work spaces with style 8

Any place will be valid to establish our workplace as long as we do it with style and taste. Integrating the work area in the environment trying to escape from the current and too obvious. Improvise, innovate, combine, these are the premises so that a desk is not like a vulgar glob.


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