Create an outdoor oasis with a low budget

The only essential requirement to be able to enjoy the outdoors in our house is, logically, to have an outside space that we can use as a patio or terrace. For this it is not necessary to spend too much, with imagination and good predisposition we can create a space of peace and tranquility in our own home.

Exterior decoration ideas 1

The bushes will give freshness and shade to our patio with a low maintenance. They do not require as much care as the flower plants and create a magnificent background for the decoration of our oasis of peace. Metal or wood furniture that can be traced in flea markets or second-hand stores will be a good investment to furnish our space.

Exterior decoration ideas 2

Although some color, either with flower plants or with decorative objects in bright and contrasting colors, will help to give life to our secret space.

Exterior decoration ideas 3

Some comfortable furniture such as a sofa that we can cover with ethnic-inspired fabrics, a coffee table and some carpet will give an exotic feel to this small environment of relaxation.

Exterior decoration ideas 4

In short, with a little imagination and inspiring us in other similar projects we can create an authentic oasis where we can get rid of the heat and the oppression of the city. In the images of this article we have shown you a very ethnic inspiration but you can adapt to your taste the style that goes best with your personality or mood. It is only to be proposed and to get down to work, as soon as we start, surely one idea takes us to another and in less time than we think we will have our little space of freedom totally decorated.


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