Create a shabby chic dining room with these ideas

Decorating a dining room in shabby chic style is easy and fun. You will need a little more time than in other more commercial styles, although it will depend a lot on where you live, but you will get it with a little ingenuity. Kicking and searching is the key to finding good pieces at a good price anywhere on the planet. So you have no excuse, create a dining room shabby chic with these ideas and you will have your dining room dreamed.


Let's start talking about the background, white walls or a soft pastel tone will be the best starting point but you can also decide on a wallpaper with floral motifs. And if you have an old wooden floor like the one above, the truth is that you have much done.


Although also in a normal apartment or a new house you can use the shabby chic as you see in this photo.


The same ideas will help you to set up an indoor dining room or an outdoor dining room or one in a gallery or solarium like this one.


Flowers, pink and white is almost like the triad of the shabby chic despite the fact that at the moment it seems that the trend is more for worn whites.


And if someone thinks that you can not have an elegant dining room in this style, it is quite misguided. Here we have a good example.


And here another more, even more elegant or at least equal but more serious and formal. Fantastic dining room in French style in gray and silver details.


Textiles have great importance in shabby chic and the star motif is still floral. Although looking for greater sophistication and avoiding a little pink prints.


Although here we see them in the decoration of the bank but in a measured way and without exaggerations.


Nor can miss the flyers for chairs as stylized as these are really funny.


Being a shabby chic lover means being a regular visitor to flea markets and second-hand stores to catch those objects that can make a difference in your decor.


Be always waiting to hunt pieces like this simple but elegant sideboard.


It is also essential to be willing to use the brush and sandpaper as necessary to match with a good layer of worn white those uneven furniture and objects that you have been recovering.


And do not be afraid, throw yourself and see how that piece you've hunted remains in your dining room. Here it seems that that garden chair does not do much paper but when placing two and giving them a little white you get a good harmony.


Although in recent times it seems that the shabby chic only relies on the white should not forget the pastel shades that milk paints, so easy to find now, are also a great option.


A little color, even if only in small doses and complementary objects, will give more depth to our dining room.


Even in such small quantities as we see here with those blue-glass jars and the basket of lemons.


This elegant dresser surely in its original state would not fit much in a shabby chic dining room but with a little milk or chalk paint and a sanding pass will be phenomenal.


And do not worry if you do not get a full set of chairs. Here you can see how well different chairs are left if you unify them with color.


This table has been able to fit into this shabby chic dining room with a good sanding and a light stained white envelope. It is a good example of how a piece that a priori would not seem very appropriate can be introduced, with a good treatment, in any shabby chic decoration.


The shabby chic decor of your dining room is not closed with the choice of large main furniture. The complements and the decorative objects are very important too.


The crystal chandeliers are the bedside lighting in a shabby chic decor and can be as sophisticated as we want or can.


Tablecloths, pillow cases are also complements that should not be missing to dress our dining room.


Working on a good collection of worn-looking vintage objects will reverberate in the interest of our shabby chic dining room.


Recover unpaired pieces of old tableware and glassware to give them new uses is a good way to improve and round our decoration.

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