Create a productive work environment at home.

Working from home, from the beginning, may sound wonderful, it's like living on an eternal vacation, having free time, not having to share or endure heavy companions ... a lot of fantasies that immediately fall apart. You have designed your house to be a place of rest, a relaxing and peaceful place, but to work you do not need to relax, on the contrary.

Work spaces in the home

Your workspace: To maximize productivity it is necessary to create a work space visually separated from the rest of the house. If you do not have enough space to devote a full stay you must designate a section of a room as your work space. Any other room other than the bedroom is valid. Entering that space day after day during work hours will be the signal for your brain to understand that the relaxation time is over and work time has begun. This functional office will increase your motivation, concentration and productivity.

Correct temperature: The temperature of your work space has a great impact on your productivity. A study by Cornell University in 2004 found that workers who performed their tasks in an environment with adequate temperature were 10% more productive.

Suitable chair: It's hard to concentrate if your back hurts. The right office chair will help you maintain a level of comfort that will not only keep you working but also help prevent injuries and chronic pain. Look for an office chair that is ergonomic, adjustable and breathable.

Clean up the mess: Now that you have a warm and comfortable work space you should keep it clean. When you work at home, time is money. So the importance of order is fundamental, when it does not find something it loses time, it stresses and ends up lowering productivity. Filing cabinets, entrance trays and bulletin boards to keep documents in order. Choose a desk with drawers to maintain order and the cabinets or drawers you need.

The plants: A plant or two will give an ideal final touch for a productive work environment. A study from Washington State University found that workers with plants in their offices were 12% more productive and had lower blood pressure than workers without plants in their office. Choose a species that requires little attention and grows well indoors.


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