Crazy and eclectic apartment in Moscow

In this Muscovite apartment we can enjoy the creativity and joy of living that characterizes the Russian people. We tend to believe that the inhabitants of these distant and cold countries of the North are sad and serious but nothing further we can enjoy in this crazy and eclectic apartment in Moscow.

Eclectic decoration 1

From the hall we see that the decoration of this apartment is not very conventional. To the wallpaper with winter tree print you have to join the curious lamp and the floor with two different coverings, although the latter is often found in these latitudes, ceramic flooring is installed at the entrance so as not to dirty the parquet when arriving from the street.

Eclectic decoration 2

Eclectic decoration 3

The living room is an open and eclectic space that also includes the dining room and the kitchen. We see how some elements help to delimit and define the different spaces.

Eclectic decoration 4

The dining room is formed by a table and chairs of classic style that stand out for the natural finish of the tables and the color of the chairs. It also has modern copper lamps and a small but beautiful sideboard.

Eclectic decoration 5

Eclectic decoration 6

The living area, fun, relaxing and uninhibited consists of two light armchairs and a sofa in oriental style, large and decorated with many pillows. Highlights especially the wallpaper with fish print that lines the wall of this area.

Eclectic decoration 7

The kitchen is on the opposite side and stands out for the rustic furniture and colorful tiles that line the front of the work and cooking area.

Eclectic decoration 8

Eclectic decoration 9

The bedroom also includes a work area and stands out for the use of wood, on the floor, the wardrobe and also the wall of the headboard of the bed is covered with reclaimed wood.

Eclectic decoration 10

Eclectic decoration 11

The work area is composed of a simple but very elegant table and a comfortable desk chair. To highlight the fun work of art, with the two real frogs on newspaper, presiding over the space.

Eclectic decoration 12

Eclectic decoration 13

In the bathroom follows the tonic of eclectic decoration that combines elements of primitive oriental air with classic furniture and modern elements but with a more formal air perhaps.

Eclectic decoration 14

Instead it has a very fun toilet with walls covered with very original fox tiles. Although the rest follows the general trend with Venetian-style window tops.

Eclectic decoration 15

It also has a narrow and elongated glass gallery whose wall has been decorated with frescoes. It is very common for Russian apartments to have a balcony or glazed balcony to take advantage of sunny days.


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