Craig Van Den Brulle: VDB Collection

For those who like sophistication, modern style. They value and admire the novel and elegant designs at the same time; those designs that captivate with their lines and materials, I can assure you that the VDB collection of Craig Van Den Brulle will enchant you.


Known designer all over the world for the originality of his designs, not new mix with the old, the materials and makes each piece of furniture can have different uses.
This collection mixes glass, glass, granite and acrylic.
one- Coffee table or Avenire coffee (the table of the first photo): a coffee table or coffee made of noble and durable materials, which you can always use even when you change the style of decoration.
two- Coffee table or Clair coffee : a coffee table or coffee with legs that give excellent support, simple and elegant at the same time will always be good.


3- Lucere Table : a small table that can be auxiliary in your living room, can be used as a light table or the space of your house that you give to put a phone or a beautiful lamp.


4- Lucere table without drawer : with the same characteristics and uses as the previous one but without drawer.


5- Extrados Table : this table can even emulate the movement of water according to its designer, you can use it in the office or in the living room and even in a room.


6- Pentandria dining table : one of the central tables of your collection, one of them would look excellent in any main dining room.


7- Dining table Gaussian : another of his modern designs with more relaxed lines than the previous one, gives more warmth to the food with friends.

dinner-gaussian table

8- Delfine dining table : for those who do not have much space in their main dining room or daily, this table brings the solution without leaving aside the elegance.


9- Clarion dining table : another of its models to save space, its leg stands out or support, has excellent design lines.

dinner table-clarion

And to complete these beautiful and varied tables, are their models of lamps ... which of them you like more ???
10- Vertigo lamp


eleven- Paramount lamp


12- Arial lamp


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