Cozy rooms for kids

Bedrooms dreamy, cozy and full of charm for the kids of the house. Unique designs for girls and boys. You can take hundreds of them ideas to decorate your child's room or create it from scratch for the baby that arrives in a short time. Also grandparents, uncles, etc, can take from these six proposals ideas to build the rooms of their grandchildren or nephews ... and that the stay in our home is fantastic.

Cozy rooms for kids5

They have four proposals for girls and two proposals for boys.
In the first proposal for girls, the wall is highlighted with a blackboard included, the dollhouse and a cozy bed decorated with lights in the shape of flowers.

Cozy rooms for kids3

In this second, the pink and star-filled flycatcher is undoubtedly the protagonist of the room, next to the bedside table with a flexible drawer for storing toys.

Cozy rooms for kids4

In this third proposal, a room of princesses prepared for two girls have everything they need to enjoy together afternoons full of games with a fireplace specially prepared for children.

Cozy rooms for kids6

The latest proposal for girls is as cozy as it is simple, the wall of the home has been given prominence with a washable paper with flower design in the range of roses and celeste, leaving the rest of the walls and the ceiling in white snow. The headboard next to the window and the vintage style furniture for the toys are undoubtedly a success in the decor .

Cozy rooms for kids1

The first proposal for children, has originality. The little ones who are always lovers of strollers or little cars, have them as protagonists. Modern cars, the old ones of wood and the prepared room for when they have little friends to play.

Cozy rooms for kids2

The second and last option for children is tender, and more modern. Full of educational games to learn while playing and furniture of simple lines, straight and white.
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