Cozy log cabin in the Alps

Located in Megève, a town at the foot of Mont Blanc, in the heart of the French Alps, is this beautiful Log cabin , a dream construction for snow and ski lovers.

Design cottage in the Alps 1

The interior, completely renovated in wood, is the work of the Belgian designer Lionel Jadot , who has taken advantage of the initial structure of a old farm of the nineteenth century . This is how bucolic is the appearance of this beauty of the house:

Design cottage in the Alps 2

Thanks to the high ceilings and the large windows, perfect lighting is achieved for the entire interior. The space is diaphanous, open and formed by different corners or nuclei of rest where the accessories of warm colors are not missing. It is in these complements where a very dynamic chromatic game stands out, which gives it a very bohemian and attractive look to the whole, making this place the perfect refuge to hide in vacations.

Design cottage in the Alps 3

There is no shortage of corners for reading, under a beamed ceiling that is wonderful:

Design cottage in the Alps 4

There are also many accessories in very flexible and beautiful materials such as bamboo cane:

Design cottage in the Alps 5

The kitchen is striking for its mosaic-shaped decoration, a very attractive touch for a cabin where the rustic and the contemporary merge very uniformly.

Design cottage in the Alps 6

As we can see, this house does not lack anything, it even has some very ethnic details in the form of oriental style tapestries and lamps that offer the space a unique personality. To the beauty of the wood are added these small nuances that make this refuge an idyllic place to spend the coldest season to good shelter.

Design cottage in the Alps 7

Design cottage in the Alps 8


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