Cozy cottage-style kitchens

If something stands out cottage style in kitchens it is in creating that intimate warmth of home that we miss in other modern and more pragmatic styles. That warm aspect that we all remember from the kitchen of the grandmother when the food that she prepared for us had another flavor.

Cottage style kitchen 1

In a kitchen cottage style , which would become the Anglophone form of the rural style of any other country, the fabrics have a great importance. Once again we will remember the curtains, tablecloths and other pieces of cloth that in any rural kitchen of yesteryear had a preponderant role.

Cottage style kitchen 2

The employment of wood as a basic raw material it is fundamental in a kitchen of this style. The cabinets and other furniture as well as covering the walls with wood are a fundamental part of the style.

Cottage style kitchen 3

The floors can also be covered with wood to complete the basic scheme of any cottage style kitchen.

Cottage style kitchen 4

As in any decorative style there are different options, we can choose very rustic finishes almost like cottage to other more refined. Everything will depend on personal taste and the effect you want to achieve.

Cottage style kitchen 5

With an old kitchen table it is easy to have a small island in our cottage style kitchen. If the height of it is not enough for your paper we can add wheels with what the height will increase and at the same time we will have an island that we can move according to our needs.

Cottage style kitchen 6

A little nature in the kitchen is very good for this style so close to rural life. Vases with flowers, some pretty potted plants, are some ways to give a natural touch to our cottage style kitchen.

Cottage style kitchen 7

Typical outdoor furniture such as wicker chairs are very good in a cottage style kitchen. And if the natural color of the wicker does not like you too much or has suffered alterations due to the passage of time, a good solution is to paint it in black, it will create a good contrast with the white environment and you will recover damaged furniture.

Cottage style kitchen 8

The lights in a kitchen of this style admit many options, even those old lamps that you would not know where to hang are fantastic in this type of kitchen.

Cottage style kitchen 9

Curtains are an excellent way to add those contrasting colors that will encourage the neutral or too pastel environment typical of this style.

10 cottage style kitchen

The cottage style is not constrained, eclecticism can easily be imposed by creating temporary combinations without any problem. Modern state-of-the-art appliances can perfectly combine with antique furniture and vintage and industrial touches.

Cottage style kitchen 11

12 cottage style kitchen

Cottage style kitchen 13

The cottage style is a style that will allow multiple customizations. Actually like any other style, we must always flee from the literal expressions, the personality of each person must be reflected in the decoration of your home beyond styles and trends.

Cottage style kitchen 14

Cottage style kitchen 15

16 cottage style kitchen

A correct attention to small details and accessories is a way to capture that personalization that will make a difference and make our kitchen unique.

Cottage style kitchen 17

18 cottage style kitchen

In the sink we can choose the classic porcelain, typical of the rural styles of yesteryear or lean towards a more modern fitted option. The faucets should always have a vintage look according to the style, although they are technically of last generation.


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