Cozy and enigmatic exterior decorations

At the time of decorate exteriors , there are many styles that we can use. It is very common to mix a few trends to find a more personal style, the one that best suits the needs of our home and our own taste. The truth is that the possibilities are unlimited, so one of the first things we must consider is what is the use to which we are going to allocate this space in particular.

Ideas for the outside 1

Maybe we want to create a cozy decoration with an enigmatic and mysterious point. A space that serves us for different situations, becoming a multipurpose area, and that is also decorated with that bohemian and decadent air that makes it more attractive.

Ideas for the outside 2

For this, there is a series of elements that is interesting to introduce in the decoration. To start, the use of fabrics, curtains, canvas or covers that isolate this space and, in addition to serving as a shelter for high temperatures or to isolate from insects, help create that mysterious and ethereal effect. Loose fabrics of different colors, although white will always make the environment look brighter.

Ideas for the outside 3

Another resource is to use ethnic accessories, such as lamps of Moroccan or Asian type, or even all of them at the same time, getting a more special night setting.

Ideas for the outside 4

Do not forget to use large seats, to lie down and rest, from a couch or sofa to a bed. But the classic option, that is, using chairs, is not superfluous, since we already say that this style tends to the eclectic. We can complete the spaces with wickerwork objects, low tables, footrests, cushions and, in short, everything that best suits our new space.

Ideas for the outside 5


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