Cover the floor of the dining room

There are so many options when choosing the floor covering for our dining room that we can get lost in a sea of ​​possibilities. But our good taste and our budget will guide us to a good port. Let's see a few examples of the enormous variety of coatings for dining room that we can choose, of course they are only a very small sample because the possibilities are innumerable.

Coating for the floor of the dining room 1

A classic checkered floor with white and black marble tiles is of great elegance, the installation in this case is essential because unlike the tiles the marble tiles must fit perfectly without leaving spaces between them. This floor is valid for different decorative styles, likewise it serves us for a classic style as for the most modern of the Scandinavian styles through the rustic one.

Coating for the floor of the dining room 2

The world of porcelain tiles is infinite and we can find all kinds of designs, above we see some tiles that imitate wood. We can cover with them both the floor and the wall of this dining room adjoining the kitchen.

Coating for the floor of the dining room 3

The floor of this dining room is formed by irregular pieces of different types of stones, it is an interesting and daring option that requires a careful installation.

Coating for the floor of the dining room 4

Something as classic as the granite floor can be totally current if we choose an appropriate color and combine it with rustic wood elements like this dining table and modern chairs like those used in the dining room in the upper image. We have seen a small sample of floors for dining rooms made with stone materials and ceramics, there are still many more options that you should not discard the first without first having investigated them.


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