Corners for rest at home - Part I

Each one of the spaces of a house has its function, and in order to perform it properly, it must comply with certain functional and decoration requirements.

Corners for rest at home 1

In a kitchen, for example, it is important to have a non-slip floor and that can be easily cleaned. But when it comes to rest, it is essential to pay special attention to each and every detail, not only practical, but also ambience.
There are many decorative alternatives to conceive a place of retreat, but the most important thing is to create an environment that makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. The ideal style does not have to be a defined one, but it can be formed from what makes us feel better. However, there are basic rules that must be followed if what you want to achieve is rest.
First, the colors. A room that has as its first objective to make us feel comfortable, should be decorated in soft colors, that is, neutral and raw tones. These are called natural, and they are in a range similar to the nuances of the medra, of the habano, the corn, or the beige color; all have the power to make us remember the earth, and stabilize us. Blue tones are also recommended, as they lead to contemplation and relaxation, and certain tones of laughter are among the colors that produce the maximum relaxing effect.

Corners for rest at home 2

Furniture, colors, textures and lighting: every detail counts when it comes to creating the right environment for relaxation. You must create it to your personal taste!

Corners for rest at home 3

Keep in mind that each of the details before decorating a space where the most important thing is to feel good. The textures of this type of room should be pleasant to the touch. It resorts to natural materials, such as wool, cotton, wood, leather, metals, and marble and granite stones. These provide a variety of textures and positively stimulate the sense of touch while inviting rest.
As for the lighting of a room that is intended for rest, it is advisable to procure a natural source of light, either through windows or domes in the ceiling. For the hours when there is no natural light, it is necessary to have a dim and preferably indirect lighting, which will greatly help with relaxation.

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