Corners decorated with industrial shelves

In previous articles we have seen how to take advantage of industrial spaces to create our home. Today we are going to see some ideas to introduce in our homes industrial elements or that resemble this decorative style. It is the case of these shelves designed in a very simple way, with planks and ropes, that you can even do at home in a short time.

Industrial style shelving 1

These shelves with lots of charm will be very useful to decorate those corners of the house that need a little visual force. We can decorate them to our liking with everyday objects, with small plants, books or whatever we want.

Industrial style shelving 2

The charm of these shelves lies in the way they are made, with all the personality of the rustic or vintage objects . The strings are going to be an important element, since their function not only consists of supporting the entire hanging structure, but their more or less well-preserved appearance can contribute a lot in a decorative way.

Industrial style shelving 3

We can use these shelves in different formats , depending on the use we want to give them. Thus, for the most intimate corners of the room, it is more appropriate to use smaller shelves. Also for the bathroom can be more practical small shelves that allow us to have these spaces more collected, but at the same time, we find it useful to put on each shelf all our toilet utensils.

Industrial style shelving 4

They are small ideas that bring personality and style, with a look very urban and daring that never hurts at home.

Industrial style shelving 5


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