Cork for floors and walls

Cork is a natural material that is extracted from the bark of the cork oak and with it you can make coatings for floors and walls. It has good thermoacoustic properties, it is a magnificent insulator of both noise and cold or heat.

Cork for floors and coatings 1

When the trees are 30 years old, the first extraction of the cork from its bark is made, then the next extractions will be made every nine years. The first extraction cork is usually thicker and is used to make the stoppers for wine bottles. The cork of the following extractions, finer, is the one used to make coatings for floors and walls.

Cork for floors and coatings 2

Currently there are excellent manufacturers that make coatings for walls and floors based on cork with a very elegant and functional design. They do not look like the typical cork agglomerate.

Cork for floors and coatings 3

But this is not an obstacle to using also the traditional cork agglomerate that is beautiful by itself. For its natural appearance and its ability to create quiet and comfortable environments.

Cork for floors and coatings 4

You can even find cork coatings for outdoor, these receive a special treatment that allows them to be installed outdoors as they withstand the inclement weather. With these coatings the facade of a house can be covered without any problem. Cork based coatings are a good option, present for a long time it seems that they are returning to the world of decoration. It is an ecological, natural and totally neutral material, without any type of contamination that could damage our health or that of ours.


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