'Cool' rooms for kids

The rooms of the kids They can become fantastic places for them thanks to the great variety of themes and furniture that we have today. Many firms specialize in designing furniture for the youngest in the house, thinking about them, what they need in their day to day, with designs adapted for different ages.

Modern rooms for kids 1

The French firm Vertbaudet is one of these brands that offer parents great ideas in what to children's rooms. These are some proposals to take magnificent ideas to make the rooms of our children more 'cool' and fun places.

Modern rooms for kids 2

The first thing we should think about is the furniture. This has to be adapted to its age, so the best options are usually wide furniture, with square or rectangular shape (no peaks or small or dangerous pieces) and ample space for storage of toys, clothes or school supplies.

Modern rooms for kids 3

The best beds for a room for kids are those small beds, to which the children can climb without difficulty. Whether they are more classic or contemporary pieces, these pieces of furniture must have solid structures and complement each other, decoratively speaking, with the rest of the space.

Modern rooms for kids 4

Modern rooms for kids 5

The ideas 'cool' that we show you here are very different, as you are seeing: spaces for dreamers, for boys and girls, in pastel tones or with more neutral tones but very striking visual details.

Modern rooms for kids 6

But, above all, to make these rooms places for fun, do not forget one of the most important factors: comfort. Space to play, practical spaces to store toys and space also to do homework while still learning and having fun. Ultimately, with these proposals we will create a unique bedroom for the youngest of the home, and I am sure they will thank us.

Modern rooms for kids 7

Photos: vertbaudet.fr

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