Contrast walls with texture to decorate

A contrast wall It is still a good decorative resource to enhance the decoration of any dependency of the house. As you know, the contrast is usually created by painting one of the walls in a different color from the rest and in a stronger or more striking tone. But we can also create contrast with a different coating than the rest of the room, then it is the texture the face to create that contrast and not so much the color although it can be added.


Among the textured materials for this task we have the tide as one of the most important. Nowadays, it is preferred to use recovered woods that besides creating unexpected and original textures are another way to fight for the conservation of the environment.



We can rely on the natural tone of the wood or add some dye to add some color. These receivers are a good example, discreet and attractive at the same time.



In the dining room we can also create a textured contrast wall. The options are very varied but once again the natural materials come out winning, the wood, the stone, the exposed brick are some of the options that can help us in this task.



The bedroom can not be rid of this simple decorative resource. In him also the wall that we will use normally is the one of the head of the bed. Here the contrast will not only be with respect to the other walls but also with the headboard of the bed.



The living room or living room is another space in which we can easily create a contrast wall. It is interesting to choose for this the wall of the fireplace, if we have it, and in any case the one that looks better from the entrance.


In the office or work area we can also include a wall of these characteristics. This time they have combined color and texture when adding orange wall moldings.


The stone is a material that fits well in any modern decorative style. The color and shadow play are a good combination.


Even in a child's room we can use this resource to create a good contrast with the soft materials that tend to abound in this type of room.



In any decorative style will be perfect a textured contrast wall, you just have to find the material that best fits the style in question.



In the bathroom the stone is perhaps the most characteristic material to create a contrast wall. It supports moisture well and contrasts with the whiteness and homogeneity of the toilets. But you can explore many other materials such as wood, well conditioned, or moldings of moisture resistant materials.


Also in the kitchen we can create one of these walls. Although here perhaps ceramic tiles are the best results that offer us both decorative and practical.


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