Contrast of bright colors, a trend for 2014

The arrival of a new year always brings, in all aspects of life, promises of renewal and fresh ideas. In the decorative field could not be less, of course, so we bring you one of those proposals that the most learned in decoration point as Star trend for 2014 : it's about combining and contrast multiple vivid colors .

Contrasting colors for 2014 1

When we talk about bright colors we refer to chromatic ranges quite broad, covering almost the entire spectrum of light, from colder colors to warmer shades . But above all, these more electric and dynamic versions of the usual colors abound.

Contrasting colors for 2014 2

Contrasting colors for 2014 3

With this mixture, what we are going to obtain is going to be stays much more energetic, warm and fun for our home. 2014 is a year that comes with strength, with renewed ideas and wanting to break molds, so if you are about to renovate the house or introduce some decorative changes, it would be wise not to overlook this magnificent idea.

Contrasting colors for 2014 4

As seen in the images, the house will look full of life thanks to a spectrum of colors of the most varied. Fuchsia pink, apple green, watermelon green, red, orange, canary yellow and turquoise blue they are colors that awaken the senses, bright and fresh. With them we can begin to renew our most homelike spaces with incredible strength.

Contrasting colors for 2014 5

Is trend it aims to bloom both in walls and in furniture and accessories . Choose a few colors on your palette, refine the brushes and fill your home with light and joy.

Contrasting colors for 2014 6


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