Contemporary towel rails for the bathroom

In the bathrooms we find accessories of all kinds, some of them really essential, as are their own towel racks . They serve us to have the towels at hand and to add a decorative spot that cheers the bathroom and enhances the beauty of the decoration.

Towel racks 1

These towel racks that we have selected have a special charm. They are contemporary designs, groundbreaking and also practical; They will dress your bathroom with elegance and functionality.

Bathroom towel rails 2

They allow us to place them where we want, where we will have the towels at hand: near the bathtub, next to the sink ... we will locate them where they are useful and have enough space for themselves, which will prevent the towels from remaining moist afterwards of the shower or any washing. In this regard, many radiators inside the bathroom offer a practical solution when exercising also as towel rails: we spread the towel over them and Voila! Fast dry. This way we will take care of the hygiene that these delicate garments deserve.

Towel racks 3

Bathroom towel rails 4

They are practical ideas that allow you to select the best supports to hang your towels, taking into account not only functional criteria, but also aesthetic criteria.

This model, in contrast to the previous ones, offers the possibility of placing rolled towels, achieving a magnificent and very beautiful effect. It is about discovering different ways to place our clothes, giving the towel holders the utility that we want.

Towel racks 5

Towel racks 6


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