Concrete office accessories set

The Norwegian designer Magnus Pettersen is the creator of this original office accessories set made in concrete , a material widely used in construction. The idea of ​​using it to design the pieces of this set adds to the set a very personal industrial touch pretty attractive and decorative.

Concrete office accessories 1

The set is completed with three pieces: a pen, a special tray for small objects such as clips, staples or thumbtacks and a support for adhesive tape.

Concrete office accessories 2

The neutral color of concrete makes these accessories adapt to any type of style, from more personalized domestic offices to spaces of an industrial or design nature, which tend to be more impersonal. They combine well in all kinds of spaces and add a nuance of elegance to these places.

Concrete office accessories 3

Concrete office accessories 4

Concrete is a very durable and durable material , something very practical from the point of view of the longevity of any design, since it makes them difficult to break. In addition, the reduced dimensions of the pieces make them lighter than usual. An interesting and practical option to incorporate in our offices.

Concrete office accessories 5


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