Comfortable vintage style: the elegance of the past

For years the antique furniture enjoyed a revival that put them in the spotlight of interior designers and fans of new trends. Many were able to understand that "outdated" things could continue to be fashionable and fit into the current styles of decoration precisely because of the authentic personality that these furniture emanate.

Vintage style dressers 1

In this way, cornered furniture in storage rooms and garrets were rescued and returned to preside over our favorite places as in times past. A trend so retro y vintage who chooses to recycle and reuse furniture, and even "do it yourself" restoration. Domestic DIY for furniture with a lot of charm that bring us such good memories.

Vintage style dressers 2

Vintage style dressers 3

Vintage style dressers 4

It is the case of these comfortable o sideboards , those furniture that are used according to the occasion, from storing clothes or papers to fulfill a function as a desk or shelf ornativa. Undoubtedly, the charm of these furniture is that they are as useful as decorative.

Vintage style dressers 5

We find very diverse models: from the classic wooden furniture to those that look like a worn paint, and whose surface full of imperfections shines by itself as only revalued objects can do.

Vintage style dressers 6

So, you know, it's time to dust off the furniture bequeathed by other generations of the family, restore them if necessary and find a space for them in your home. The elegance of the past returns with strength.

Vintage style dressers 7

Vintage style dressers 8


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