Comfortable: from the bedroom to the rest of your home

The dressers have always been a piece of furniture that has traditionally carried out its work of storage in the bedroom, where it kept the changes of bedding or the underwear of its owners. It has been, in a way, an intimate piece reserved for the bedroom of the good people. Now it seems that in this revolution of the design that we are living everything suddenly can develop other missions. Thus the comfortable have lost the tranquility of the bedroom to go out into the outside world, living rooms, dining rooms, studios, any living space It's good to get the most out of a beautiful dresser.

Decorate your home with comfort 1

And of course the thing is not there, those classic traditional designs are suddenly deranged by striking and striking paintings. Thus, the comfortable one goes from being a demure and almost puritanical furniture to becoming a scandalous one that attracts all eyes.

Decorate your home with comfortable 2

Decorate your home with comfortable 3

At dining room or in the living room this piece of furniture, in an exercise of functional transvestism, is no longer a comfortable modesty to become a provocative sideboard. Especially if we add a few subtle touches of color to fit well with the rest of the decoration.

Decorate your home with comfortable 4

But nothing prevents him from continuing in the bedroom , but in a modern and youthful room you will need a set-up. Decorated with paint or paper or any other technique will stop being so monotonous to move to a more active life.

Decorate your home with comfort 5

Decorate your home with comfortable 6

With the classic design chests we have an important asset to apply the principles of decorative eclecticism. Combined with furniture of other styles and periods we will achieve high visual impact environments.

Decorate your home with comfortable 7

Decorate your home with comfortable 8

Until as multimedia furniture They have comfortable an important future in our life. Support and save are what is best given to them, so let's take advantage of their virtues and if we see that something is missing we always have time to add a little color.

Decorate your home with comfortable 9

Or a lot, that goes to the taste of the consumer, this comfortable blue sure that in his long years of life he will never have imagined this psychedelic destiny.


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