Combine vintage and modern elements in decoration

In this house with exposed beams, rustic doors and wooden floors, it was thought a combination of vintage and modern elements for its decoration. It is of course a good example to learn to combine these different elements in a current decoration.

Combination of vintage and modern style 1

Of course the base is impressive and in that house anything can look good. Yes, it may be true but we know that sometimes the most subtle is what makes a decoration a round job and on the contrary the obvious and easy can end up being a horror. First of all, this combination of different elements comes to represent the personality of the inhabitants of the house, which is where all decoration should go. That said, the wooden ladder with portable industrial air lamps is a pass.

Vintage and modern style combination 2

A rustic table with history, a carpet with the same characteristics perfectly combine with a modern and contemporary sofa. Comfort should not be at odds with style.

Vintage and modern style combination 3

A set that will leave vintage rustic lovers with their mouths open. A sturdy table, antique chairs, no less impressive stools and to finish off that lamp of antlers, an adorable combination.

Combination of vintage and modern style 4

And all this as we see is perfectly in a modern kitchen decorated in basic colors and touches of bright color.

Vintage and modern style combination 5

In the bedroom the striped bedding has a certain rustic and antique look that is topped by the rustic lampshade and the decoration of the headboard.

Combination of vintage and modern style 6

This bedroom is another redoubt of the more traditional rustic with that wooden wall and the wrought iron bed. Sympathetic and original the use given to the staircase as a bedside table.

Combination of vintage and modern style 7

The bathroom is purely vintage style both by the choice of tiles on the walls and the floor. The taps are modern but vintage look. The stool rattled by time completes the set to which a little life is added with the yellow complements.


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