Colors to give a fresh air to the decoration

These fresh colors that we show you today can serve to give a spring air to your home but also to brighten your heart at any time of the year. They are light colors, natural and full of life in very soft tones that calm the soul of anyone. With these cool color combinations that we propose you can give a new look to your home, either for seasonal spring or just for your spiritual enjoyment.


A soft green that combines fantastically well with the white and dark tone of the wood of the floor. To revive the set a little nothing like combining it with some touches of orange. In this proposal the orange has been introduced with the carpet but other accessories or accessories can be used.


Peach with hints of rose and mauve, a fantastic combination that creates an incredible and very feminine soft environment. It will go very well in a dining room, the living room or in a home office.


For a child or youth room we need cheerful and vibrant colors. These lime green and cyan blue create a very good combination for a young space. It is a daring proposal for other environments but you can try and even add a touch of pink chewing gum for a more feminine style.


Yellow and violet on a white canvas is a proposal that we can easily carry out with simple accessories. If we have a room decorated in white we can add pillows, furniture or a few simple flowers to give it a spring air.


Combining neutral tones is a very interesting option. Ideal for rooms, with them we will get very quiet and relaxing environments. Here we have a good example in this double room. White and cream or any similar shade are a very easy to use color combination.

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