Colorful walls, houses full of life

Normally, when we browse the decoration magazines that we like, or some television program, almost always and as a rule, they use images of interiors of houses with walls in sober colors, and rarely do we get any attention for their colorful end, but as there are people for everything, we can not forget those people who are called by the daring and garish colors and make them vibrate. This post is dedicated to these people, and is that sometimes, we must put a little color to our lives.

Walls to color 1

Rooms in the same dark or striking tone, or just a fluorine color to one of the walls, make our eyes go numb and we feel a thousand sensations through the body, and that, a happy and garish color, from time to time, we put the batteries, and it is very good.

Colored walls 2

Lately the colors are fluoride, and not only in clothing and accessories, but the leading brands of paintings are catching up with these colors, because like clothes, they have their audience. You only need to combine them well, and above all, be daring.

Walls in color 3

People who like these tones know what I'm talking about. It is to enter a room with some bright color, and it produces joy and good feelings, and that is that, it can not be avoided. And a servant, you have to recognize, that in certain points of a well-lit house, when I see a wall like that, I change the mood, for good.

Colored walls 4

Colored walls 5

They are living rooms, cheerful, with harmony, that fill you and decorate by themselves.

Walls in color 6

So you know, this is just putting and throwing, and if there is a color you would like to put in some corner of your home, do not hesitate, choose a good paint firm, and get to work.

Colored walls 7

The result is sure to be fabulous and you will not regret it.

Colored walls 8

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