Colorful spring-inspired Livings

Fresh colors and floral motifs invade these colorful spring-inspired livings. An excellent selection of ideas so we can give a happy and fun to our living room or living room. A pleasant environment makes interpersonal communication more fluid and the living is after all a common area of ​​the house where family members interact in common, among them and also with visitors who come to the home.

Spring Livings 1

The color and floral patterns can be included in almost any decorative style, in one way or another they can be inserted in the set to give a renewed air and produce a small vitalist revolution.

Spring Livings 2

Spring Livings 3

The great allies to produce this change are textiles in all its variants, curtains, pillowcases, plaids, upholstery although it is also not bad to resort to the natural and add a touch of color with natural floral arrangements or plants.

Spring Livings 4

Spring Livings 5

The wallpaper is another good option to give a touch of freshness to the decoration of our living, taking into account that this is a longer term option than the use of textile accessories, much easier to renew and remove at a given time.

Spring Livings 6

The carpets, although they may seem more appropriate for winter, can also be used to introduce spring colors in our living room. Obviously we will choose carpets made with fibers of vegetable origin that are fresh for the season.

Spring Livings 7

Spring livings 8

Spring livings 9

As we see it is very easy to give a spring air to our living room, we just have to take into account the color combinations and if we are not very sure start by adding a few colors, study the effect and add more little by little.

Spring livings 10

Spring livings 11

Spring Livings 12

Elegance and sophistication are not incompatible with color and joy. Whatever the decorative style we have in our living we can introduce color, to a greater or lesser extent and always guided by our personal taste, although trying to escape from the shrillness and studying the colors that combine with each other.

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