Colorful interiors of a house in Denmark

Dominated by a wide range of energetic colors , this house in Denmark is a good example of how to brighten the interior of a house in a simple but effective way. For this its owners, a French family headed by the great lover of decoration Charlotte Gueniau , they decided to carry out their dream of painting their homes in colors, transforming all the interior spaces into more joyful rooms.

House with colorful decoration 1

In some rooms it was decided to leave the walls bare and blank, making the spaces more spacious thanks to the altitude of the ceilings. In these cases, the color falls on the furniture. Mainly they are furniture with an antique touch to which they have been given a coat of paint in very well chosen shades. From the energy of a red to the joy of a rose or the romanticism of a turquoise blue, the house becomes a paradise for the senses.

House with colorful decoration 2

House with colorful decoration 3

In other occasions, the walls are the great source of color of the spaces, creating subtle and inspired atmospheres. To the beauty of a turquoise blue is added the chromatism of other furniture and accessories, from bedding to accessories such as cushions. The floral prints of these accessories and carpets put the magic counterpoint to the environment.

House with colorful decoration 4

House with colorful decoration 5

The atmosphere in the dining room has been enriched elegantly by the colorful accessories, led by those hanging lamps in a beautiful blue.

House with colorful decoration 6

In the kitchen we also find this resource, giving rise to a wonderful space where a turquoise mosaic wall stands out. Every detail is chosen with great care, creating an absolute sense of cozy fantasy.

House with colorful decoration 7

The bedroom is another inspired space, this time in white and red with some shade of blue and pink. Inspirational and magical

House with colorful decoration 8


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