Colorful ideas for your room

The color and the mixture of them always brings us joy and gives life to our decor . We encourage you to use the colors ???? If you have any doubts you can see these colorful ideas to make your room the best place in your home.
We can encourage more or just a little. The idea is to incorporate little by little the color. Let's see better these proposals ...

Colorful ideas for your room-08

1- A more romantic style room, combining pastel colors and white with accessories in the range of roses and fuchsias such as: cushions, blankets, flowers, vases, lampshades and a very subtle detail in the curtains.

Colorful ideas for your room-01

2- A room a little more daring. Lots of green combined with the colors pink and honeysuckle. It is undoubtedly a bit daring but the result is enviable. We can combine the fabric of some of the cushions and repeat it in the curtains. A very beautiful detail.

Colorful ideas for your room-02

3- The violet is undoubtedly the protagonist of this room. A nice carpet "hairy", like to feel that we walk on a big plush while we are barefoot, and cushions the color violet and green finish to complement this decoration.

Colorful ideas for your room-03

4- Romantic in all its expression. An ideal room for couples and to celebrate Valentine's Day. The rose takes its place and takes over this incredible room. The color present in walls, cushions, paintings, natural and artificial flowers, vases and even the magazines and books that help with decoration.

Colorful ideas for your room-04

5- A room that transmits a sense of tranquility at first sight. The pastel shades combining with the light blue and turquoise color create an ideal environment for relaxation and to enjoy a good chat with your partner, friends or our young children.

Colorful ideas for your room-05

6- A room more modern and stately at the same time. The range of browns and toasted, along with the brown color, are strong in the decoration and are imposed. The green of the natural plants breaks with the coldness of the decoration and gives a feeling of home.

Colorful ideas for your room-06

7- The orange color, and the yellow tones are always an option when we want to achieve a different space. This set of wicker chairs, combined with cushions in pastel, orange and yellow, attracts the eye and invites us to enjoy a relaxing moment in them.

Colorful ideas for your room-07

8- The combination of modern furniture with simple lines and neutral colors is another option when thinking about redecorating our room. To them we add color and personality with the accessories and the result is at first sight. Only!
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