Colorful floors for housing

If the walls are often the best canvas for decorate with colors our house, the ground o floor It could not be less. Using this part of the house to add color to the decoration is another of many possibilities that we can explore. Lounges, kitchens, rooms and bathrooms with colorful floors star in these proposals where the color no longer rests on the sides of the home, but a little below.

Ideas for colored floors 1

The color can be added to the floors in very different ways. If they are polished microcement, the result is a much more uniform and resplendent color, like the beautiful turquoise blue that presides over the living room of our first two examples.

Ideas for colored floors 2

Another quick formula to bring color to this part of the house are the tiles and tiles. As a mosaic, we can alternate different ranges of the same color to create a more stylish floor, in this case a relaxing green.

Ideas for colored floors 3

Ideas for colored floors 4

For more sober spaces, the gray color is discovered as a great choice for its neutrality and balance.

Ideas for colored floors 5

Ideas for colored floors 6

Colored wooden pallets are another possibility that is conquering many homes. Fantasy floors in colors as different as orange, pink, red or black can help to build urban environments, modern and with a point of sophistication without having to smear paint on the walls. Although some choose to paint matching floors and walls, getting an extra color in the house with an elegant and bright result.

Ideas for colored floors 7

Ideas for colored floors 8

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