Colored cabinets for modern bathrooms

The cabinets and shelves continue to be the storage solutions more practices in spaces like the bathroom. If you have many shelves and drawers, we will be able to take a lot of advantage. As for its design, we have chosen a series of cabinets of different colors to decorate modern bathrooms.

Cabinets for modern bathrooms 1

As we see, they are usually furniture with geometric forms , rectangular and square above all, with a clean cut and lacquered , what gives it that resplendent air. In yellow mustard with white combination we obtain a very luminous bath and with a modernity indisputable.

But if we want to give a little more space to play, a very attractive solution is the following: white decorated with tablets . The contrast between the green of the wall and the white of the furniture is very beautiful. Goodbye to the smooth and welcome surfaces are other less rigid proposals.

Cabinets for modern bathrooms 2

Modern, but with vintage look , are these cabinets in light blue design. The result is a quarter of romantic bathroom , where the inspiration is in each one of the details that conform it, from the softness of its color to the elegance of the accessories, among them the lamps.

Cabinets for modern bathrooms 3

Red and black , a very modern proposal for design spaces. Again we find smooth surfaces and quite symmetrical, very effective for being so basic but at the same time personal.

Cabinets for modern bathrooms 4

Black can be a good option for a modern bathroom . In this case, it continues to comply effectively with the rules of any modern bathroom: geometry, symmetry and a very cozy minimalism. To give a little more color to the space, do not forget to contrast with other colors on the wall and in the complements (handles, mirror frames, doors, etc).

Cabinets for modern bathrooms 5

Red and white with minimalist charm : bright and flattering

Cabinets for modern bathrooms 6

Proposal in pink fuscia, risky and fun. Ideal for rooms of teenage bathrooms , matching a wall mosaic that explodes in a thousand colors and complements the proposal with a bold design.

Cabinets for modern bathrooms 7


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