Color trends for 2011

What are the colors that will set trends for this 2011 ???? Well today we will present some of them!
None of the colors that we always use and exist in the market will stop being fashionable. For example, red, yellow, orange, green, beige. The colors do not disappear but evolve. We went from using a lime green to using a darker green, but green at last.

Honeysuckle color2

The color palette does open, and this 2011 does not bring six colors as protagonists. Each of them with its particularities and possibilities of use in decoration.
The neutral colors will continue to be used as always, but with the proposals for this new year, the decoration is expected to explode and take life with them.
What we must remember is that colors should not be limited to walls, ceiling or floor. But we have to use them in decoration accessories, such as lamps, cushions, curtains, and other decorative pieces.
Without further ado, let's see the main colors of this 2011:
1) Honeysuckle color : This color is meant to be the color of the year. It is an energetic and vibrant tone, and will help those who dare to use it to create a bold and courageous environment. It emanates positive qualities thanks to the powerful link with its maternal color, red, the most physical color and alive in the range of colors (this is part of the same defición that the Pantone firm does). The color will be used in all seasons.

Honeysuckle color

Honeysuckle color3

Honeysuckle color4

2) Wine color : the color came from harvest is expected to be another of the protagonists of this year. Often seen on the fashion stages and runways of Milan, Paris and New York, their tone looks amazing on the walls of a house.

Wine color

Wine color1

3) Citric yellow color : it is a protagonist color that reflects freshness, optimism and hope. It is an ideal color to dress the walls of the house. The yellow color is often used to minimize anxiety and stress and increase relaxation. The color is usually used more in private rooms and bedrooms than in common spaces and in the living room.

Citric yellow color

Citric yellow color2

Citric yellow color3

4) Dark blue color : as the use of black color, in this 2011, it is expected to dismuinuya, the dark blue color and other similar shades will succeed to replace the black color. This color can be used for the walls that are protagonists in an environment and we want to stand out.

Dark blue color

5) Green color : with technology and the growth of ecological awareness, green has become very important. Today it is one of the most important colors, and it is expected to be used in different shades and in different ways. It will also be widely used for "green" products and in companies.

Green color

Green color2

6) Bright red color : the dark red color is not expected to be used this year. Instead, the bright red color will take center stage, giving the feeling of hope and tranquility.

Bright red color

Bright red color3

Bright red color2

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