Color palettes for bathrooms

The bathroom is a good place to experiment without fear different combinations of color, create custom palettes that we can then use in other rooms. Our bathroom is transformed into our small and home color laboratory. Cast? Well, it's quite simple, the bathroom is a room that is usually not as visible as the others in the house and its small dimensions are conducive to our experiments. If we succeed then fantastic and if we do not reach it then it is not so serious, it is also easily recoverable.

Colors for the bathroom 2

In this vintage style bathroom with its rectangular white subway tiles and the floor with its round mosaic it is played with a palette formed by yellow, black and white. This combination of colors brings depth with black and joy and vivacity with touches in yellow.

Colors for the bathroom 3

The walnut furniture is an important element in this bathroom brings style and elegance with classic values. The color palette is based on the white and light blue of the walls. The underlying idea is to soften the impact of the furniture.

Colors for the bathroom 4

This modern bathroom with a powerful furniture in brown tones, smoothed with the countertop and washbasins in white as well as the front in white and gray mosaic, has been combined with the purple of the wall. A risky proposal that is successful thanks to the addition of blank elements.

Colors for the bathroom 5

When the white, neutral tone par excellence, predominates in the color palette it is easy to add another strong tone without great problem. This lively and bright orange color occupies one of the walls of the bathroom animating the whole.

Colors for the bathroom 6

Gray is another example of neutral color that allows us great and daring combinations, this time yellow and sky blue are responsible for bringing life to this neutral framework.

Colors for the bathroom 7

A good color combination that never fails, will always give us good results, black and white, the star color palette of decorative minimalism.

Colors for the bathroom 8

Beautiful combination of mahogany, orange and ebony. A palette of very masculine color, the furniture of straight lines with the light washbasin brings lightness to the set.

Colors for the bathroom 9

Sophisticated combination of silver gray and gold. Luxury and elegance should not be at odds. The marble countertop with its whiteness lightens the whole.


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